It is an incontrovertible fact that Prince (Dr) Ned Nwoko is the preferred choice of Anioma people to give them effective representation at the Red Chambers of the National Assembly.

The Star Prince, in addition to his well known philanthropy and milk of human kindness, his urbane nature and accessibility to all is unmatchable. The Senator-elect, Prince Ned Nwoko has declared that all his salaries and allowances throughout the period of his stewardship at the Red Chambers would be donated to the less privileged in his district – the Anioma nation. This is a continuation of his good works and uncommon feat whilst serving in the House of Representatives between 1999 and 2003.

Prince Ned Nwoko is a known game changer, his contributions in turning around the life and well being of the people is inestimable.
Even when not in the National Assembly, Prince Ned Nwoko initiated and facilitated the legal fireworks that brought about the Paris Club Loan Refunds that contributed to the bail out of Nigerian economy from recession and financial insolvency. Every worker in Nigeria benefitted from his ingenuity. Likewise when he was in the Green chambers of NASS (House of Reps), his impact was unassailable.

The Monetization Bill he privately sponsored that was signed into Law was a turning point in the salaries and wages of workers that made their take home pay worthwhile. Except for the Udoji Salary Review of 1977, the Nigerian workers never had it so good.

Amongst the other numerous private bills sponsored by Prince Ned Nwoko, many of which became acts of law include:

(1) A bill for the establishment of National Information Network Centre

(2) A bill for an act establishing National Disability allowance

(3) A bill prohibition of corporal punishment in schools

(4) A bill for an act for compulsory road worthiness test.

(5) National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Reform bill 2000.

(6) A bill for an act to establish the Public Funds Recovery and Reward Commission (Whilstle blowing )

(7) A bill for the establishment of a National minimum wage council

(8) National Minimum wage bill (1999).

(9) A bill for an act for Continuity of Evidence in court proceedings.

(10) A bill for an act for compulsory professional indemnity in Nigeria.

(11) A bill for an act for the protection of Nigerian in diaspora.

(12) A bill for the amendment of the firearms Act.

(13) A bill for an act for the consolidation of all decrees.

(14) A bill for the prohibition of Expensive Burial Rites in Nigeria

(15) A bill for an act for Community Legal Services

(16) A bill for the Convening of a National Conference

(17) Bill for an act establishing a National Sports University.

(18) A bill for an act for compulsory Fire and Insurance Regulations at Homes and Offices.

(19) A bill to. Regulate the activities of Motorcycle Riders in Nigerian Cities.

(20) A bill for Contract Awards Performance Act- which birthed DUE PROCESS.

(21) A bill for an act to abolish Female Genital Mutilation which was co-sponsored with. Hon Linda Ikpeazu.

Beyond these, Prince Ned Nwoko played pivotal roles as Millennium leader that not only brought integrity to the House, but equally facilitated a lot of constituency projects during his tenure in the House of Representatives.

(1) He facilitated the Completion of Benin / Asaba Express way already began during military era but abandoned just after Abudu.

(2) Construction of Ewohimi/ OnitchaUgbo /Idumuje Ugboko Road. Even it’s recent rehabilitation was facilitated by his efforts and that of Honourable Minister of Petroleum – Dr Ibe Kachikwu.

(3) Dam project initially proposed at Aniofu but later taken to OgwashiUku – still ongoing project which he has vowed to see to its completion.

(4) Granting of License for Asaba Airport as House Committee Chairman on Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority.

(5) Facilitated the building of NTA Station Asaba new Police Headquarters Asaba .

(6) Provision of. Brocast equipment particularly Cameras, for NTA Asaba and Delta Television Station.

(7) Electrification of Eight Communities within his Constituency – Aniocha / Oshimili

(8) Expansion of FMC Asaba and Donation of transformers to. Federal College of Education Technical Asaba.

(9) Building / Renovation / Provision of facilitaties in many Schools within his Constituency i.e. Ani- Nshi Primary School OgwashiUku, Abuedo Primary School Ubulu Uku, Egbune Primary School Issele Uku, Asagba Primary School Asaba to mention but just a few.

Prince Ned Nwoko is a parliamentarian par excellence, having a special knack for legislation that would continue to be of immense benefits to not only Anioma people but Nigeria as a whole. THIS IS WHY NED NWOKO IS NEEDED.