It was a glorious night, Saturday 27th April, at the poolside of the Idumuje Ugboko exotic and palatial mansion of Hon. Dr. Prince Ned Nwoko as the charismatic Delta north senator elect treated his teaming supporters and the crème de la crème of the Nollywood industry to a grandiose dinner party.

The gala night was held to unwind the nerves of his supporters who accompanied him to FUPRE to receive the honorary Doctor of Science award conferred on him by the first Petroleum university in Africa.

The pride of Anioma nation, Hon. Dr. Prince Ned Nwoko, the foremost promoter of the tourism industry in Nigeria, also used the occasion to appreciate some notable Nollywood stars for their untiring efforts in promoting the entertainment and tourism industry in Nigeria.In a brief welcome address, the Dike Anioma and senator elect for Delta north, Hon. Dr. Prince Ned Nwoko said, “I want to appreciate all of you, specially my supporters for all your efforts in identifying with my vision for our people, the journey has not been easy, but the wish of the people shall prevail. Today, I am particularly grateful to you, our most esteem royal fathers for accompanying me to FUPRE to receive the award conferred on me by the university. Thank you very much.”

He further added, “the invaluable contributions of the Nollywood to the entertainment and tourism industry in Nigeria is well known, as a people we must think diversification, we must think how to grow the economy outside oil and tourism holds the key, we must develop the entertainment and tourism industry in Nigeria and create the enabling environment for tourists to visit our country,” he reminded the audience.In conclusion, he said, “I think we have a lot to do to develop tourism in our country and we must all work together to achieve desire result.I appreciate your presence here, thank you very much”.

Among the different groups who accompanied the Star Prince of Anioma to receive the awards were eminent Anioma royal fathers, hosts of Nollywood stars, women groups and the comrade community.
At the dinner party, it was wine, dine and dance all night long and occasionally spiced up with jokes and dramatic acts by masters of the trade. The music was melodious. In the end, all who were there, left with a piece of the high taste of hospitality of the Anioma Prince of philanthropy.

Of course, this is not the first time the Prince of hospitality is staging such a grandiose dinner party at his compound. Recall that similar party was hosted Monday night of 11th February, 2018, for the victorious team Delta to the 5th National Youth Games, Uniilorin 2019 and the 19th National Sports Festival, Abuja 2018, where 20 of the athletes were awarded scholarships and a whooping sum of N20million given to the team by the generous Prince.

In the words of a visibly happy guest at the occasion, “look at what Ned is doing now, he is not even in government yet. I can’t imagine what he will do when the court finalised the senatorial case in his favour and finally restores his stolen mandate. “There is no doubt as to what he will do when he gets there, because as the saying goes “the people rejoice when the righteous are in power”. Anioma people will continue to rejoice when Prince Ned Nwoko is inaugurated as senator in the 9th Senate!

By Iroroh Frank.